How to Style Vintage Cat Eye Glasses

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by amy

There’s something to be said about women who can pull off vintage cat eye glasses. It’s no surprise that the 60’s iconic actress Audrey Hepburn with her classic features of beauty was able to wear with class the otherwise loud looking cat eye glasses. The symbol of femininity, Marilyn Monroe was able to make cat eye glasses somehow fit her iconic historic image. Though they started trending in the 60’s, cat eye glasses have made its way back as a popular vintage accessory to style with modern clothing. Celebrities Taylor Swift and Rihanna, can also be seen embracing this vintage trend with their own personal twists to express their individual styles. It also doesn’t hurt that cat eye glasses offer slightly more facial coverage than other sunglasses. The vintage accessory’s loud, yet feminine shape allows these modern fashion icons to avoid sacrificing style for secrecy in public. Today, you don’t have to be incredibly beautiful or have exceptional vintage style to have this eye accessory work for you. In fact, anyone with any type of face shape and mode of dress can wear these specs if paired with the right style and confidence. There is a vast amount of ways that one can wear these versatile cat eye glasses in ways that best express your personality so that their loud shape won’t wear you.

Wear Cat Eye Glasses with a Menswear Inspired Outfit
Vintage cat eye glasses are in definition, glasses that are shaped like the surly and potentially sassy eye shape of a cat’s. Similar to how applying cat eye makeup with eyeliner can intensify an eye to look longer and have a more feline shape, cat eye glasses serve as a bold intensifying statement to your look. These feline glasses ooze femininity, thus the first way you can wear cat eye glasses is with a menswear inspired outfit. I suggest a pair of boyfriend jeans that are comfy enough and appear loose but also retain shape so as not to be overly baggy. Pair this with any t-shirt either form fitting or loose depending on how boyish you’re determined to be and a pair of sneakers or boat shoes. Cat eye glasses would be complimented the most however, if paired with flats. If you want to avoid an overly masculine outfit, a pair of flats or mules will do as well. Because the outfit is seemingly less structured, avoid looking overly sloppy and pull your hair into a top bun or ponytail. Additionally, cat eye glasses will offer an angular shape and structure that your outfit somewhat lacks to pull your look together. Remember that cat eye glasses hold the key to this otherwise plain, simple outfit and provide the necessary contrasting detail to this ensemble. Though it may seem out of place to wear such a feminine statement piece with a less than feminine outfit, cat eye glasses save the day to give you that fancy, yet effortless look you were going for.

How to Dress Like Audrey Hepburn with Cat Eye Glasses
If you’re looking for something a little more feminine, this second way to wear cat eye glasses might be the option for you. You can have the glasses act as an accessory for an outfit that emphasizes your love of being able to dress up. For this particular style, a perfect inspiration to draw from is Audrey Hepburn, a celebrity who was one of the first to bring cat eye glasses into fashion. Perhaps the most iconic way she embraced the trend was in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s in which her slightly oversized cat eye shades added that essential element of mystery to her. Hepburn’s cat eye glasses were paired with a wide tan or black brimmed hats and simple black dresses. Add a pearl necklace and a fancy up do and you have the image that gave her the classy reputation so many women aim for today. The key to this outfit, besides the cat eye glasses, is its simplicity. Even though this style was an iconic part of the 1960s style, it’s still viewed in our minds as a timeless outfit. It’s timeless, however, because of the cat eye glasses, as without this essential accessory, the outfit would look rather plain. Today, wearing a broad brimmed hat with a little black dress can still be seen as an ordinary modern look, and adding those vintage cat eye glasses instantly adds that element of classiness that Hepburn embodied.

How to Wear Cat Eye Glasses with your College Campus Style
The third way to wear cat eye glasses is to style them in a professional or educational setting. Your study outfits to the library don’t always have to look like you just rolled out of bed (even if you actually did). Adding a pair of cat eye glasses to the messy bun you just put up will add an air of intelligence to you and give the appearance of a more polished look despite what you are wearing. Glasses are usually known to make one look smarter and are associated with studying, however, cat eye glasses offer this and also imply a sense of fashion. Also, because cat eye glasses are associated usually with more mature or working women, wearing them around your college campus might give you an air of sophistication. There are also many ways you can style these vintage glasses on an ordinary day of classes. A look that can never go wrong is wearing cat eye glasses with a pair of denim shorts and a black or red and white striped top. You can also further embrace the girly shape the glasses have and style it with pleated skirts or maxi skirts. Throw on a blazer to appear more polished, or a cardigan on more casual days and the vintage specs will adjust to either style. The versatility of cat eye glasses also allows for you to wear them during the winter seasons. Knit head wraps work well with the wide lenses as the contrast of your head shape to the glasses is emphasized and further helps the glasses to stand out. As turtlenecks have come back into style, it’s almost too perfect that cat eye glasses can seamlessly pair with the snug sweater to display a complete and cozy outfit. The angle and flair of the glasses also add some needed structure to outfits that might offer warmth but cause you to look lumpy with all the additional clothing layers.

How to Style Cat Eye Glasses in an Outfit for an Interview
When you head out into the working world, cat eye glasses are the perfect accessory to add to a business formal outfit that will prevent you from falling into the basic working outfits that everyone else wears. This is relative to wherever one works, however, the ability of these specs to adjust to any occasion is one of the reasons for the popularity of this particular shape. If the work place does not require a formal outfit, but you still want to look put together, cat eye glasses will definitely be a staple as it expresses something about your personality because of its statement and shape.

How Celebrities Style Cat Eye Glasses
In comparison to other vintage shapes, such as the round, Harry Potter-like style of glasses, cat eye glasses will always be associated as a shape that is flattering to almost any face shape. For example, Marilyn Monroe’s cat eye glasses gave shape to her soft features, but also offered a certain structure that still managed to embody the femininity that defined her. In Taylor Swift’s record breaking music video, Blank Space, she portrays at first a woman of elegance and class by wearing the cat eye glasses in what seems like a fantasy model relationship. Then, the vintage pair disappears once she starts trashing her boyfriend’s car. In the scene with the glasses however, her choice to wear a white and yellow sundress and red lips matches perfectly with the feline shaped specs. Audrey Hepburn, with her more angular features and slender build was able to use the glasses to give her a mysterious, yet charismatic personality in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Each of these iconic women wore cat eye glasses, but each delivered a different message and personality through them.

Although cat eye glasses can look good on anyone, it is important to get the right size in order to compliment your face shape the best. People who have longer faces should choose wider cat eye glasses to avoid making their face look narrower. People who have rounder or more squarely shaped faces should wear more narrow shaped cat eye glasses. What is also unique about their vintage shape is that they are one of the few glasses that you can add jewels to without it looking overly tacky. Perhaps the best thing about popping on a pair of cat eye glasses is that it will look different on everyone depending on how they choose to style theirs. Whether cat eye glasses fade in or out of the ever-shifting change in fashion, their vintage classic style is here to stay and will always find their way back into popularity.