How to Style Rectangle Glasses: Best Looks from Influencers

styling rectangle glasses
styling rectangle glasses

Last Updated on June 27, 2024 by Sophia Angel Lou Quiachon

Rectangular glasses are back on both runway shows and your favorite influencer’s Instagram feed. These timeless frames are a perfect blend of retro flair and modern edge, making them a must-have accessory for anyone looking to elevate their look.  

We’ve seen the undeniable retro-cool factor of rectangle glasses, but these versatile frames offer so much more! See how influencers are styling theirs.

Business in Casual

Courtesy: @ireneisgood/IG

If you’re looking for an outfit to impress at a casual business meeting or at a weekend brunch, take inspo from the stunning Irene Kim. 

In this fit, Irene sports a tailored beige blazer and high-waisted trousers set for a relaxed yet refined look. The blazer’s oversized fit contrasts nicely with the fitted top for a balanced proportion that is both trendy and professional. To top it off, we see her rock her black rectangle sunglasses with silver accents to elevate her look.

Steal Irene’s look with Classic Specs’ Knickerbocker in Dark and Stormy:

Party in Sequin

Courtesy: @benulus/IG

When the night calls for glamor and glitz, sequins are your go-to choice, and no one knows this better than TikTok’s favorite maximalist diva, Karina Berenice or Benulus.

On this trip, she wears a sequined, sleeveless top that glimmers with every camera flash, paired with a pleated mini skirt. The ensemble is given an edgy uplift with bold, deep purple knee-high boots, and is tied together with stylish, making it clear that this outfit is meant for fun nights in the city.

Dress like a Bratz doll for your next night out with the Wayward glasses in Olive Streak from Classic Specs:

Layers, Layers, Layers

Courtesy: @bretmanrock/IG

Layered fits are never just a winter look. Bretman Rock, a renowned influencer known for bold fashion choices, perfectly exemplifies this in an outfit that creatively balances volume, texture, and accessories. 

In this fit, Bretman creatively blends a variety of textures and garments with his tailored black vest over a white pinstripe shirt with voluminous sleeves, paired with wide-leg trousers. The look is accentuated with a heavy, studded belt, multiple necklaces, and rectangle glasses that introduce a rock-and-roll vibe.

Add a new layer of style to your look with the Wayward in Matte Black.

Bold and Eclectic

Courtesy: @tanyar/IG

With a keen eye for unexpected pairings, Tanya Ravichandran consistently pushes the boundaries of fashion. In this particular outfit, she dons a bold bondage vest with a classic black and red turtleneck, jeans, and a black bag. Finally, the sleek, angular lines of her rectangle sunglasses further complement the look.

Replicate Tanya’s look with Classic Specs’ Knickerbocker in Havana Tortoise:


Courtesy: @wolfiecindy/IG

Cindy Kimberly elevates the “Sexy-tary” style with a modern, fashion-forward twist. While this outfit might not suit every office environment, it’s a perfect ensemble for special outings, dates, or social events.

Clad in an all-cream ensemble, Cindy pairs a crisp button-up shirt with a playful pleated mini skirt, creating a striking contrast with sleek black stilettos. This outfit masterfully balances professional polish with flirty charm, ensuring you’ll turn heads wherever you go. The rectangular sunglasses serve as the perfect finishing touch, adding a dash of sophistication to complete this look.

Serve womanly charm like Cindy with Burnett in Matte Black Horn:

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