How to Guarantee You Get What You Want When You Buy Online Glasses

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by amy

When you buy online glasses you should take a few steps to prepare for your purchase to help to guarantee that you’ll get the frames that you want without having to worry about replacing them or getting a refund. Although retailers like Classic Specs will give you a full refund within 30 days if you don’t like your glasses, they offer a trial kit where you can test several frames out before making a final decision. This is one of the best ways to ensure that you will get the glasses that you want and won’t have to deal with a last minute replacement, but there are some other steps that you should take as well.

Visit your optician to get an accurate pupil distance measurement
It’s almost essential that you go to your optician to get an accurate pupil distance measurement. If you already have your pupil distance then you can shop for online glasses with more confidence because you’ll be able to pick from accurate sized frames. It can be difficult to measure your own pupil distance but there are ways that you can do it using a mirror. You can also have a friend measure your pupil distance, but in any case you’ll need an accurate pupil distance to ensure that the optical center of your eyeglasses is directly in front of your pupils.

Be sure that the glasses fit well
Aside from this, you’ll need to find a comfortable fit on your head and that problem can be solved simply by trying on the glasses before you buy them. As previously mentioned, there are some retailers like Classic Specs that allow you to try on several frames before making a final decision. That way you get to feel them, see how they look, and you’ll get the best idea on whether or not they are a good choice for you. Many online retailers will even recommend that you test the glasses out with a trial kit before you buy them, even if you pretty much know the exact frames that you want and are ready to make a final decision.

Think about how you want to look
The look of the glasses is also another important aspect of buying glasses online, and of course you want to look as good as you can. Be sure that you pick frames that match the fashion that you want, and again your best bet is to try them out with the outfits that you want to wear with your glasses, but you should also read about some of the latest trends and decide on what you want. Fashion is also a very subjective thing, and you don’t have to follow what’s popular but create your own style and pick frames that you feel will look good on you and fit your personality. If you take the time to do these preparation steps there’s a lot better chance that you’ll find the perfect frames with minimal effort when you buy glasses online.