How to Dress Like a Maximalist: Shades and Outfits

How to Dress Like a Maximalist
How to Dress Like a Maximalist

Last Updated on July 8, 2024 by Sophia Angel Lou Quiachon

We’ve all heard of the quote “less is more” in the world of fashion. But with maximalism, we believe in the complete opposite—more is more!

Maximalism is an exuberant style philosophy that celebrates the joy of excess. It encourages fashion enthusiasts to embrace bold colors, clashing patterns, and eclectic combinations. The style has roots in various cultural movements, from 1980s excess to postmodern design principles. Some of the most renowned maximalist designers are Gucci under Alessandro Michele and Dolce & Gabbana.

Want to learn how to dress like a maximalist? Here’s how.

What is Maximalist Fashion?

Maximalist fashion is a vibrant rebellion against the clean lines and muted tones of minimalism. It’s a playground for the bold, the playful, and those who want their clothes to be an extension of their personality. 

But it’s more than just throwing everything you own at once. It’s about creating a cohesive, visually interesting story with your clothing. Layering is key—you can pair a flowing maxi dress with a chunky knit cardigan and accessorize with a statement belt. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Building a Maximalist Color Palette

Courtesy: HTML Color Codes

Maximalism celebrates color in all its glorious diversity. It’s all about playing with colors. You can mix complementary colors for a harmonious feel or go for the audacious route and clash contrasting colors.

While maximalism is all about breaking the rules, understanding color theory can help you create even more stunning and visually balanced combinations. 

Here are some basic color combinations:

  • Complementary Colors: Opposites on the color wheel (think blue and orange, red and green) create a high-energy contrast.
  • Analogous Colors: Colors next to each other on the wheel (e.g., blue, blue-green, green) create a harmonious flow.
  • Triadic Colors: Three evenly spaced colors on the wheel (like red, yellow, and blue) offer a vibrant and dynamic combination.
  • Split Complementary Colors: Split complementary colors take a base color and then use the two colors adjacent to its complement on the color wheel. For example, the complement of red is green. So the split complements of red would be blue-green and yellow-green.

How to Style a Maximalist Outfit

Now it’s time for the fun part—styling! There are no rules in maximalist fashion. However, there are some key characteristics that make it truly pop.

Pattern on Pattern

Courtesy: @saracamposarcone/IG

Maximalist fashion thrives on the art of layering patterns, and Canadian stylist and social media influencer Sara Camposarcone is a master of this technique. 

As seen in this look for Fashion Week 2024, from checkered and polka dots to floral prints—Sara wears it all. She wears a bold red floral and checkered dress on top of her pink animal printed leggings, and covers up with a knitted white sweater adorned with cherry embellishments.

The secret? Color balance. Notice how the colors of every piece matches those of the cherries on her sweater. On top of that, even her pink statement round sunglasses match!

Steal Sara’s maximalist look by with your own pair of stylish pink oversized sunglasses from Classic Specs:

Wythe in Berry

Frills, Ribbons, and More

Courtesy: @rubyrouxbijou/IG

If you feel a bit more adventurous, then you can take your outfit to the next level with ribbons and frills just like fashion advocate, Ruella-Maria!

Rue is an advocate for Visibility for Disability in Fashion and is known for her vibrant maximalist looks. In this look, she stuns in a floral bodysuit with frills that roll down the sleeves, and ruffled bottoms. Wrapping up the look together are her wide-brimmed hat, classic white sunglasses, and patterned cane.

Classic Specs has just the right pair of white sunglasses to match your next fit:

Perry in Crystal

Play with Colors

Courtesy: @jadepearl_/IG

Next tip, wear as much color as you want. Experiment with colors that you love and look great on your skin. Don’t shy away from striking colors and neons!

Take inspo from the model and influencer Jade Pearl. She is a maximalist designer and founder of the JADE PEARL™ clothing brand. Just like in this fit of hers, you can wear a rich mix of bright pink, green, orange, and silver—whatever you want!

For the accessories, she wears a pink belt, silver layered necklaces, and orange tinted sunglasses that look almost exactly like Classic Specs’ Brighton in Smoulder.

Brighton in Smoulder


Courtesy: @benulus/IG

You’re never a true maximalist if you don’t have an overwhelming love for accessories just like Berenice, or better known as Benulus! 

Benulus is an NYC fashion maximalist and a TikTok fashion icon known for her stunning looks and Get Ready With Me ASMRs. She’s known for her love for jewelry and all sorts of accessories and it’s clear to see in this look. A scarf layered with a flower neckpiece and a shawl—who knew such a combo could ever look this good?

To complete this outfit, she puts on some large stud earrings and her chick gold rimmed sunglasses. 

Need a pair? Here’s a similar sunglasses set from Classic Specs:

Lowerre in Soft Brushed Gold

Why Choose Classic Specs?

When it comes to maximalist fashion, your eyewear can make or break your look. Classic Specs offers a vibrant variety of sunglasses that cater to every maximalist’s dream—from the tinted lens to the patterned frames. 

On top of that, our frames are built to last and come at prices that let you take your fits to the next level without breaking the bank.