How to Choose Frames for Square Faces

Last Updated on April 28, 2023 by amy

Whether it is prescription glasses or sunglasses, people’s main concern is how the glasses look on the face. Sometimes people can be unfortunate enough to find a particular style of glasses with the color they find appealing only to see they do not go with the face. The glasses can be the ones the person desires and even imagine wearing before actually trying them on; however, there is that moment where the image seen in the mind is very different from the one right in front of the mirror. The color may not go, or it might even be the frames. Frames are too small, big, or wide for the face creating an imbalance in the face’s proportions. Before picking glasses, know your face shape and what goes with it. Picking glasses for square faces, for example, requires knowing that your face has, especially strong or defining features. There are a couple of useful tips to know before going out to shop for the perfect glasses.

Is your face square?
Choosing the correct glasses for square faces means knowing the outstanding features within the face to downplay, highlight, or even emphasize to some degree. So, how does one know the face is square? It is not quite hard to pinpoint a square face from the other face shapes. People with square faces have defining jawlines that lead to a square chin. The prominent features of a square face are at the bottom half, and when getting glasses for square faces, it is best to divert more attention to the upper half of the face. In the upper half of the face, the forehead is broad, sometimes profound, and as a whole, the proportions of the face are similar both in width and length—making the face look symmetrical. Another sharp feature people with square faces have are their cheekbones. Everyone has them, but they are most notable on square faces, another feature of the face to consider when getting glasses for square faces. Square-shaped faces have facial structures that are strong in their angles, and the outline of the face is well-defined by lines.

Frames that Work
The best glasses for square faces are the ones with round or oval frames. Frames that have more width than depth will soften the angles of the face, which complements the square shape face. The rounder shapes help bring out other aspects of the face. Softer oval or round-shaped frames will contrast with the straight lines people with square faces have but remember not to go to extremes with getting frames that are too oval or round, creating an imbalance in the face’s proportions. These are not the only options for getting glasses for square faces. Butterfly frames, cat-eyes, or frames with temples connecting to the top of the eyewear will also soften the outline of the face. Aviators are another type of glasses for square faces which will work well with the structure of the face. Glasses for square faces mean people need to get flattering frames to the shape of the face and reflect one’s style.

Creating Illusions with the Right Frames
Getting glasses for square faces that contrast the shape of the face will create the illusion of having a longer face. The purpose of glasses for square faces is to reduce the sharpness of the face and balance the angles of the face to make the face appear slightly longer than usual. Glasses for square faces with narrow oval shape frames soften the strong lines of the jaw by drawing a closer look at the person’s eyes and the length of the nose. These particular glasses for square faces will showcase two different features that would not usually be the face’s focal point. Round-shaped frames, as well as oval frames, make the face appear thinner instead of bulky or wide. Glasses for square faces having frames that sit higher on the bridge of the nose helps draw the attention away from the bottom half of the face to the upper part helping downplay the defining lines of the jaw and the chin. Glasses, known as aviators, help create the lengthening illusion of the face by easing the angularity of the face. Find glasses for square faces that allow the frames to showcase their structure and style but also bring attention to other features of the face, such as the eyes and nose.

Frames to Avoid
Try to avoid getting squared or geometric-shaped glasses for square faces. Geometric frames will only accent the face’s angles and lines, making it appear bulky and broader than it appears. Angular and boxed frames will bring attention to the outstanding features of the face by sharpening and drawing attention to them—making them more evident to the eye. Low-set temples or color-heavy bottom frames will not be the glasses for square faces since the focus is drawn to the chin by emphasizing the lines. However, if a person wanted to keep square framed glasses for square faces, the best option would be to get frames with a soft roundness to their corners. Without losing the square shape, the softer corners of the frames reduce the angularity of the person’s visage. If geometric is preferred, then frames with softer edges are glasses for square faces because they will bring more attention to the brow line— the upper half of the face.

Your Style
While choosing glasses for square faces adding personal touches to them that reflect the person’s style is essential. Glasses are an option for correcting one’s vision which can be a permanent form of correction, or they can become an accessory to others. Whichever it may be, glasses are like clothing. They make both a fashion statement and a personal statement of who the person is. So, when picking glasses for square faces, specifically, knowing how they best fit the face shape is crucial, but also considering one’s preference. Who knows, glasses can also be a way of experimenting with one’s style if it is a small touch of change to the outfit or aspect of the person.

Color Palettes for Frames
One way of playing around with style is picking color glasses for square faces. Color to the frames brings character to glasses for square faces, even though it is recommended not to go for bright and fun palettes. The different color palettes can help people with a serious undertone to their square-shaped faces. Those not interested in the glasses for square faces with the fun and loud colors in the frames can go for the darker frames; it works well either way. The geometric glasses for square faces can carry dark tones in the frames; however, having a lower color accent at the bottom will help divert attention away from the lower part of the face. Lighter color accent glasses for square faces draw attention to the brow line and the color of the eyes if they match or contrast them. The frames can even match the color of the hair to complement each other. Neutral or cream-colored glasses for square faces are great colors to try if the person wants a more subtle frame to the face or for those who like wearing those colors.

Want Some Inspiration?
Still not sure about glasses for square faces? Maybe looking at celebrities with square-shaped faces can help paint the picture more. Celebrities such as Olivia Wilde, Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, and David Beckham have all worn their fair share of glasses. They have tried various glasses for square faces, even the geometric frames with softer corners and dark tones, in case it is an option a person is considering for their choice of glasses for square faces. Seeing how frames look on others with a similar complexion can help others imagine how they might look with them even before trying them out themselves.

Where Can You Get Glasses for Square Faces?
Yes, one can get their glasses from their optometrists or choose to get them online. Classic Specs offers a variety of glasses for square faces that will allow the person to highlight their underrated facial features while still providing the person with their style. They have round, oval shape frames and even geometric shapes with soft edges for people who do not want to branch out of their linear, outlined faces. They even have cat-eye glasses for square faces, such as Sedgwick.