Have You Tried Purchasing Eye Glasses from Home?

Last Updated on April 24, 2023 by amy

If you have purchased eyeglasses from a store, you know about some disadvantages of traveling, waiting to speak to an optician or scheduling a meeting, and then browsing through hundreds of out-of-date and boring frames. Wouldn’t it be easier to buy the perfect frames online, not travel or wait in line, and have them shipped at a much lower cost than you would pay locally? This is the rapidly growing way people purchase eyeglasses, and although some may have hesitations, there are several ways modern technology has addressed them.

You can “try” glasses on virtually
You no longer need to be in person to try out different frames. By creating a 3-D ditto of your face, you can try on different pairs of glasses virtually. Classic Specs offer this convenient feature and allow customers to almost immediately see how they will look with different styles of frames. This method is surprisingly accurate, and most people can purchase based on how their 3-D ditto looks alone.

The entire process is much faster
In the majority of cases, the entire process of ordering eyeglasses or sunglasses is much quicker than buying glasses locally. Sometimes, prescription eyeglasses can take up to two weeks to be made at a local store. They may have to ship the glasses to a different area and then send them to you. Classic Specs can produce a wide range of different prescription glasses, so orders are shipped very quickly. Free shipping is also included with every order, and customers save the trouble of traveling to their local brick-and-mortar store.

The cost savings can be dramatic
Classic Specs offers sunglasses and eyeglasses that rival some of the best-known name brands. However, the prices are very reasonable. Many customers purchase multiple pairs. With features like free shipping and affordable costs for progressive or prescription eyeglasses, Classic Specs provides customers with the perfect way to get the quality frames they want without wasting much money.

To purchase eyeglasses online or learn more about the process, head to www.ClassicSpecs.com or call 1-800-896-2561.