Finding the Right Sunglasses For You Online

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by amy

Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses can be difficult when there are limited options to choose from locally. Classic Specs is an online sunglasses retailer that has become one of the most popular ways to buy modern and stylish sunglasses for both men and women, and it offers several benefits compared to the traditional way of purchasing glasses.

Shoppers can choose from a number of great frames that can meet your needs and that are designed with the latest high quality materials for durability and optimal protection against UV rays. Online sunglasses and glasses retailers like Classic Specs have found that many customers prefer the online purchasing experience, as it can be significantly more convenient and easier than finding glasses offline.

A selection of high quality sunglasses
Classic Specs unlike other retailers doesn’t try to offer too many options that can quickly become overwhelming. Instead, there are a higher quality selection of stylish, modern and appealing frames that have been carefully selected based on their modern appeal and current trends.

Buyers can quickly browse the online store to find the sunglasses that they may be interested in and see how they look with high resolution images. Multiple lens and frame colors and patterns are available for different preferences for each pair of sunglasses. Buyers can save time by being able to choose from well designed and stylish options including round, wayfarer, cat eye, aviator, square and other frame choices.

“Try” the sunglasses on with the 3d virtual try on feature
Classic Specs offers a virtual try on feature that allows shoppers to see how their preferred sunglasses might look on their face before they commit to buy. This feature takes just a few minutes to set up using a web camera. A 3d ditto is created of the buyer’s face and different pairs of sunglasses can be displayed on the ditto.

It offers buyers an accurate way to determine the types of sunglasses that will look great for their unique face shape. Classic Specs also offers information on how to choose the right sunglasses for each face shape to help buyers figure out what might look best on them. The 3d virtual try on feature is just one option that shoppers have to try on the sunglasses that they might be interested in.

A home try on kit is also available for sunglasses shoppers
A home try on kit is also available for those seeking new sunglasses. With this option, up to 5 different frames can be selected and shipped to the shopper’s home without any cost. This way buyers can for themselves how the different pairs that they are interested in will look in person.

This is very similar to the process of purchasing sunglasses at a local retailer, and buyers do not have to drive or wait in line to try on the glasses that they are interested in. Many but not all of the sunglasses are available for the home try on kit, however all of them can be used with the virtual try on feature which is also very accurate.

Easily determine what looks good for your face shape
Along with the 3d try on feature and the home try on kit, the product description for each pair of sunglasses offers detailed information about the frames and a recommendation based on the face shape that the frames would look good on. 4 options: heart, square, oval and circle face shapes are visible in the product description, with one being selected as a recommendation for each pair of sunglasses. This is a convenient way for buyers who are in a hurry to quickly determine what sunglasses they should consider purchasing for their face shape. In many cases, an order can be completed in just a few minutes if the shopper knows what they are looking for and has their prescription ready to go.

Seasonal and stylish frames
Classic Specs stays in touch with the top sunglasses trends and has experienced fashion designers on staff who guide inventory choices and new designs. The frames available at Classic Specs are selected from a wide range of potential options based on their modernity and popularity.

Classic Specs designers add their own unique touches to some of the most classic and celebrated traditional sunglasses styles. The rotation of sunglasses changes seasonally based on style trends and new frames are regularly released. This way buyers can still have a diverse selection to choose from throughout the year while being able to pick up the latest styles as soon as they become popular.

Shipped anywhere in the United States quickly
Sunglasses can be shipped anywhere in the United States for free from Classic Specs, and orders are shipped soon after they are placed. Prescription sunglasses orders and other types of customizations can take longer due to due production time requirements, however once they are shipped they typically arrive within a few business days.

Buyers do not have to wait in line at their local retailer when using Classic Specs, and the time that this saves is well worth it for many people. Classic Specs sunglasses are priced significantly lower than designer sunglasses while including free shipping, while many other retailers will charge more and also charge extra for shipping.

Made with premium materials
The sunglasses at Classic Specs are all designed in the United States in Brooklyn, New York from premium materials include handcrafted Italian acetate, stainless steel hinges, and scratch resistant lenses. A lens cloth and hard shell case are included with every purchase for free. The materials and build quality rival some of the top designer frames at a fraction of the cost.

The sunglasses at Classic Specs also have UV and anti-glare coatings for optimal protection against UVA/UVB. The frames are inspected twice for clarity and quality control purposes before they are shipped. A satisfaction guarantee is included with every purchase, and the frames can be adjusted after they are purchased if they don’t fit perfectly or based on buyer preferences.

Trendy choices for women’s sunglasses
A number of trendy options are available on Classic Specs for women’s sunglasses including cateye, circle, round frames, square frames, retro and vintage styles, and oversized frames. There are a range of beautiful and unique frames, with many options being available for a limited time. Several of the limited time styles rotate in and out based on the season, and it can be a good idea to check on the website several times during the year to see new styles that are released. The choices are designed by women’s eyewear fashion specialists and there are several unique and innovative styles available at a much lower cost than the majority of designer frames.

Stylish options for men’s sunglasses
Those who are shopping for men’s sunglasses at Classic Specs will also find an equal number of incredible diverse and unique styles including modern takes on wayfarers, aviators, retro sunglasses, vintage men’s sunglasses, round frames, circle frames and more. These include some of the most sought after men’s frames that can often cost a significant amount more at designer brand stores.

A few of the options are available in both the men’s and women’s section like the Waverly sunglasses and Prescott sunglasses. Unique frame and color combinations are available, such as the limited time orange polarized mirror sun lenses and the matte black frames on the Waverly sunglasses. The frames are just as beautiful and stylish as sunglasses that can cost $300 or more for non-RX versions.

Prescription sunglasses can be ordered at Classic Specs
Those who have prescriptions can easily order their RX sunglasses at Classic Specs. For a small price more, prescription sunglasses can be shipped directly to the buyer’s home. There are 4 options to upload or send a prescription to Classic Specs, it can be sent at a later time, Classic Specs can call the buyer’s doctor to retrieve it, it can be entered online, or a digital copy can be uploaded as well. These convenient options make it easy to send in a prescription, and even if the buyer doesn’t know their specific prescription they can have Classic Specs call their eye doctor and find out.

Easy ordering in just a matter of minutes
The ordering process for the latest sunglasses is very easy and straightforward. Buyers can complete their order in minutes once they know what type of sunglasses they want. A home try on kit can also be requested in just a matter of minutes. Once a person knows their preferred sunglasses size and the style of frames that they want, it can be even faster to place orders in the future.

Shipping is fast, and the quality of the prescription glasses is guaranteed to be accurate and exactly the same as if they were purchased locally. The design and the quality of the prescription sunglasses at Classic Specs rivals some of the best and most sought after brands, and the cost is far lower than what buyers can expect to pay locally or at most retailers.

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