Classic Specs’ Latest Cat Eye Glasses

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by amy

Classic Specs offers a select group of exciting, expertly crafted and truly beautiful cat eye glasses to choose from if you are looking for a contemporary version of this popular vintage frame. The cat eye style frame was first popularized in the 1950s and 1960s and have remained trendy since that time. The style soon became associated with femininity, grace and intellect, and that perception hasn’t really changed over the years.

At Classic Specs we offer vintage cat eye glasses including some of the styles that will remind you of the glasses formerly worn by celebrities like Audrey Hepburn, along with more recent variations of the traditional cat eye frame. Try some of these options using our home try-on kit today!

The Nova offers a nice balance with a moderate cat eye brow line
The Nova cat eye glasses at Classic Specs are a good choice for balance between a more dramatic pair of cat eye glasses and glasses with no cat eye angle at all. The brow line on these glasses is moderate and distinct enough to be noticeable without being too dramatic.

These glasses are a top choice if you have a heart, oval or even round shaped face, as the beautiful angles of the glasses draw attention to the eyes and brow area. You can try the Nova on using our home try on kit and see how they’ll look on you, and like many other customers have found, there is a good chance that they will look great!

The Sedgwick offers a sharper more dramatic cat eye brow
If you are looking to make a strong first impression everywhere you go, the Sedgwick cat eye glasses at Classic Specs might be your next pick. They are characterized by a strong cat eye brow angle and are very similar to the traditional cat eye style that was first popular decades ago.

These glasses also look good on oval and heart shaped faces, and it can be fun to compare them to the other cat eye glasses on our website by using the virtual try on tool. This way you can see how the different cat eye brow angles, lens sizes, and other differences between the cat eye frames we offer will match with your face.

The Bevy offers a more minimal cat eye brow line
If you’re looking for a cat eye brow line that isn’t quite as strong, the Bevy may be an ideal frame for you. They feature a minimal upswept brow that mimics the more distinctly angled cat eye brow line but it isn’t immediately distinguishable as a pair of cat eye glasses. This creates a quiet yet sharp impression, offering a balance that leans more toward the conservative end.

The Bevy is available in Classic Spec’s branded Pineapple Tortoise as well as Havana Tortoise, with the Havana Tortoise Option being a good choice for a more neutral and easily matched pair, while the Pineapple Tortoise offers a pink and yellow tortoiseshell-like pattern that is a little more adventurous and fun.