BlackPink’s Jennie: Sunglasses, Style, and Stardom

Jennie Kim wearing sunglasses
Courtesy: @jennierubyjane/IG

Last Updated on January 29, 2024 by Irish Torres

Whether you’re a K-pop aficionado or an avid spectator of Paris Fashion Week, you must have been mesmerized by the dazzling beauty and spark that Jennie Kim of BlackPink holds. The spotlight of this K-pop sensation does not only follow her every move but is beautifully complemented by her iconic trio: sunglasses, style, and stardom.       

In this article, we will dive through the lens of BlackPink Jennie’s 3S’s—where sunglasses aren’t just an accessory, but a statement, style isn’t just a choice, but a narrative, and stardom isn’t just a destination, but a rewarding journey. 

Early Life and Beginnings

Jennie Kim, born as the only child to her parents, has a unique background that reflects a blend of diverse experiences. Her mother is a director and shareholder in an entertainment firm, while her father owns a hospital, representing a different facet of professional life.

Originally hailing from Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, South Korea, Jennie experienced a series of significant relocations that shaped her journey. At the age of ten, she moved to Australia with her mother. Subsequently, she undertook another adventure, living independently in Auckland, New Zealand where she spent five formative years as a student at ACG Parnell College. Because of this move, she became proficient in English on top of her fluent Korean and basic Japanese. 

The narrative took an unexpected turn when, at the age of fifteen, Jennie was on the verge of relocating to the United States for her studies. However, during her time in New Zealand, as she prepared for this significant move, she experienced a change of heart. Opting to follow her passion for music and dreams of becoming a singer, Jennie altered her course, setting the stage for her remarkable journey in the world of entertainment.

Rising to K-pop Stardom

In 2010, Jennie embarked on a new chapter by moving to Seoul, South Korea. Her journey took an exciting turn when she successfully auditioned for YG Entertainment in the same year, marking the beginning of a six-year tenure as a YG trainee. This period laid the groundwork for her eventual rise to prominence in the entertainment industry. 

Over six years of rigorous training, she garnered recognition among fans for her involvement in various projects alongside her labelmates. Notably, Jennie showcased her versatility by featuring in G-Dragon’s “That XX” music video and lending her vocals to songs like Lee Hi’s “Scarecrow,” Seungri’s “GG Be,” and the Korean version of G-Dragon’s “Black.”

On August 8, 2016, Jennie achieved widespread acclaim as a member of BLACKPINK, swiftly becoming one of the most sought-after artists in her generation. Two years later, on November 12th, 2018, she captivated audiences with her highly-anticipated solo debut, “Solo,” a chart-topping digital single that showcased her artistry.

Expanding her repertoire further, in 2023, Jennie ventured into the realm of acting, making her official debut in the HBO series “THE IDOL.” In this exciting new role, she portrayed the character ‘Dyanne,’ marking a significant milestone in her multifaceted artistic journey.

Jennie Kim’s Iconic Sunglasses

Jennie Kim wearing sunglasses during one of her rehearsals.
Courtesy: @jennierubyjane/IG

On top of the many things Jennie is famous for (clean raps, stable vocals, and badass performance), she is iconic for wearing sunglasses during rehearsals and sound checks. A lot of fans found this cute and unique, and there were plenty of TikTok videos highlighting people who replicated this style.

If you take a quick visit to Jennie’s Instagram account, you’ll notice that she loves wearing oval-framed glasses, paired with her chic and neutral-colored ensembles. Here are a few gorgeous glasses that will surely look ravishing on her:


Similar to what Jennie wore during the D1 rehearsal of the Born Pink tour in Singapore, this pair of sunglasses is in a league of its own. This just gives off a cool, happy-go-lucky vibe which is a major hit in this generation. Imagine strolling at the park or driving your car to the busy streets in the city with this pair on. That must be so cool! 

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Who would forget that viral BLACKPINK rehearsal where Jennie wore an all-black ensemble along with her square glasses? A lot of people were speculating that she was feeling moody and bored at that time, but in reality, she was just saving her energy for the actual performance. In Netflix’s Light Up the Sky documentary, Jennie admitted that of all the members in the group, she’s the one who often gets physically hurt and sick during and after shows, so her technique during rehearsals is pretty understandable. 

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Apart from her usual black-and-white outfits, Jennie is also fond of sporting beige attires—something that both Gen Zs and millennials can greatly relate to. If you’re looking for a perfect pair for your beige crop top and cargo pants, look no further than Classic Specs’ Darcey in travertine hue! You can also avail of this in marble streak, tidal, and brandy tortoise colors. 

Jennie Kim’s ‘Popular Girl’ Aesthetic 

Jennie Kim wearing a classic black & white Chanel dress during Paris Fashion Week.
Courtesy: @jennierubyjane/IG

Often celebrated for her impeccable fashion choices and trendsetting looks, Jennie effortlessly blends high-end couture with streetwear, creating a style that exudes sophistication. Her fashion sense encompasses a dynamic range, seamlessly transitioning from chic and glamorous red-carpet ensembles to effortlessly cool and casual street styles. The “popular girl” aesthetic attributed to Jennie is characterized by a perfect fusion of modern elegance, youthful vibrancy, and an innate ability to make a statement with every outfit.

Jennie’s moniker as the “Human Chanel” is a testament to her status as a fashion icon. This nickname reflects her close association with the prestigious fashion house, Chanel, and underscores her influence on the global fashion scene. Known for regularly donning Chanel pieces, attending high-profile Chanel events, and even being featured in Chanel campaigns as a global ambassador, Jennie’s affinity for the brand has solidified her place as a style trailblazer. 

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