Benefits of Buying Online Glasses

Last Updated on November 23, 2022 by amy

If you’re in the process of looking for a new pair of glasses, you may have thought about shopping online. There are dozens of reasons why you might consider shopping on the internet, and modern retailers like Classic Specs are now giving you more options than ever to ensure that you get the exact pair that you want, with the right size and the right prescription for your needs. There are many new and exciting features available on Classic Specs that can help you narrow down the options and pick a pair of glasses that will work well for you. You can also usually find more varieties of styles online than you would be able to find at a local store.

You can buy glasses easily without having to leave home
The main benefit of buying online glasses is the fact that you never have to leave home. You can buy the exact pair that you’re looking for without having to spend time traveling to a nearby store. This can save you a lot of time and open your schedule up for the other things that you need to get done. It can be a long process to wait to speak with an optician and sometimes you may even need to set up an appointment at a local store. You can avoid all of these delays when you buy online glasses, and you’ll never have to worry about taking hours out of your day just to find a pair of good and stylish glasses.

Classic Specs offers a 3-D fitting map
The new 3-D virtual try-on feature on Classic Specs allows you to “try on” different pairs using a 3-D model of yourself. It takes just 5 seconds using your web cam to create a fitting map. With a credit card added for scale it ensures that your glasses are fitted properly at the right size. You can see how different styles will look on you, and it’s very accurate and almost the same as going to a local store and trying them on in person. Your ditto is also saved online so that you can reuse it in the future whenever you need to buy more glasses.

You get free shipping and returns
Another major benefit of buying glasses online is the fact that there’s really no risk to you. With free shipping and returns you can return any pair of glasses that you don’t like. With the new 3-d fitting feature it’s not very likely that you won’t find a pair that will look great on you once it arrives, but even if it does there aren’t any concerns about it. With free returns you can try on different options until you find the exact pair that you like. Sometimes you won’t know how it looks until you get it in person, and that’s why Classic Specs offers this option. So there’s really no risk to buying glasses on the internet, so give it a shot today for your next pair!