A History and Overview of Cat Eye Sunglasses

Last Updated on February 22, 2023 by amy

Ever since people have been able to purchase sunglasses online, there have been several vintage styles that have started to come back into popularity including cat eye sunglasses, wayfarers, round sunglasses and several others. Cat eye sunglasses have a long history of being a popular trend since around the 50s and are known for being a type of sunglasses that can fit well on a wide range of different face shapes. They offer a distinct style that is easy to recognize, and in recent years there have been a wide range of different retailers who have made adjustments to the traditional cat eye style, including Classic Specs and other online retailers.

Created in the 50s
In the early 50s, cat eye sunglasses were created as the result of new production capabilities that allowed for new styles of frames to be designed. Previously, round glasses were the primary style because they were the easiest type of frame to create. Technology allowed for the elongated frame style that defines cat eye sunglasses, and other types of elongated frames were also created. The original cat eye glasses and sunglasses also had embellishments on the frames to make it obvious that they were clearly different from other types of glasses. They didn’t catch on in popularity immediately; it took some time and the endorsement of several celebrities before they started to become more popular in the United States.

Popularized by Audrey Hepburn and other actresses
Cat eye sunglasses became popular over the next few decades after they were created by several celebrities including Audrey Hepburn. The original cat eye sunglasses were more angular and thinner, however later on, other styles started to deviate from this original look. Hepburn famously wore the “Manhattan” style of cat eye sunglasses in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” which featured large lenses and a thicker black frame. This is one of the biggest style changes in the original cat eye sunglasses style. Other celebrities that helped to popularize the style included Dinah Manoff, Barbara Windsor, and Marilyn Monroe. The eyeglasses were worn by librarians and secretaries, and both the sunglasses and the eyeglasses could be widely seen in popular culture throughout the 60s and onward.

Modern takes on vintage styles
Ever since cat eye sunglasses could be purchased on the internet, there have been a wide range of different style changes that have been released, and demand for cat eye style glasses and sunglasses has increased. Vintage styles in general have become more sought after by the public, and online retailers like Classic Specs have made it easy for people to purchase high quality sunglasses from the comfort of their home. Classic Specs carries several different variations of vintage cat eye style sunglasses with unique looks including stylish frame and lens color patterns and limited edition frames. Anyone who is interested in purchasing cat eye sunglasses can browse the Classic Specs website and even use the virtual 3d try on tool to see how their sunglasses will look on a 3d ditto, or request a home try on kit as well.

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