2024 Fashion: 8 Classic Outfits and Sunglasses for the Old-Money Look

Old-money sunglasses and outfits

Last Updated on February 11, 2024 by Irish Torres

Fashion trends may come and go, but just by looking at the dramatic shift in terms of wardrobe taste in the past three years, it seems like the old-money aesthetic is here to stay. Rooted in quiet luxury and sophistication, the old-money look gives off a refined glamour that surpasses fleeting fads, oversized luxury logos, and oddly bold patterns.

This year, this classic style is cementing its influence in the fashion arena (thanks to Sofia Richie and Kelsey Merritt), offering a nod to the past while embracing the present with a modern twist. If you’re looking to embody timeless elegance and simplicity, here is a list of old-money-inspired outfits and sunglasses to elevate your wardrobe in 2024.

8 Old-Money-Inspired Outfits & Sunglasses for 2024

Look #1: Blue Stripes x Brown Frames

A woman wearing blue stripes and old-money-inspired sunglasses.
Courtesy: @heloise.guillet/IG

Displaying a slice of the old-money elegance can be attained through a carefully curated outfit that harks back to classic sophistication. The combination of blue stripes, reminiscent of the iconic striped suits of the late Princess Diana, paired with crisp white trousers, evokes a sense of refined leisure. Adding a touch of earthy richness with a brown leather bag and coordinating loafers elevates the ensemble to a level of understated luxury.

To accentuate this look, opt for an à la mode pair of sunglasses in the shade brown. This color combination communicates a subtle message of heritage and prestige, embodying the essence of an old-money finesse.

Old-money-inspired sunglasses

Look #2: Vintage Denim x Minimalist Sunglasses

A woman wearing sweatshirt, denim jeans, and old-money-inspired sunglasses.
Courtesy: @valerie.kei/IG

Who says you can’t wear comfy clothes in an old-money style? Forming this type of aesthetic can be effortlessly accomplished with a few key wardrobe staples. You can opt for a refined yet relaxed look that is inspired by the retro ’80s fashion by pairing a gray sweatshirt with vintage denim jeans. Neutral-colored sneakers add a casual touch, while either a brown or black belt provides a more polished appeal, hence making this attire perfect for most occasions.

To complete this outfit, pick a simple yet classic pair of sunglasses to make a statement out of your laid-back yet elegant ensemble.

Old-money-inspired sunglasses

Look #3: All-Black Glam x Cat-Eye Frames

A woman wearing an all-black attire and old-money-inspired sunglasses.
Courtesy: @kelseymerritt/IG

Channeling the classic elegance of old-money style is simple with an all-black outfit. Opt for a sleek black button-down dress as the cornerstone of your look, radiating sophistication and timeless appeal. Pair it with a classic black bag and matching mules for a more polished silhouette. You may also add subtle pieces of gold-plated jewelry, such as a simple bangle or medium hoop earrings, to spice up your look.

Complete the ensemble with black cat-eye sunglasses to add a touch of elegant glamour and intrigue.

old-money-inspired sunglasses

Look #4: Whites & Stripes x Oval Frames

A woman wearing whites and stripes and old-money-inspired sunglasses.
Courtesy: @cristinahudacov/IG

Achieving the coveted old-money aesthetic requires a delicate balance of classic and contemporary elements. Begin with a pristine combination of white set-in sleeves and matching trousers for a clean, polished base. Introduce a touch of maritime nostalgia by layering a striped sweatshirt casually over the shoulders. Yes, you’ve read that right. We need more striped pieces in our closet!

Complement the ensemble with a dark-toned bag for a subtle contrast and finish the look with black oval sunglasses for a hint of quiet and simple luxury.

old-money-inspired sunglasses

Look #5: Polo Shirt x Square Sunglasses

A woman wearing a polo shirt and old-money-inspired sunglasses.
Courtesy: @carlacrnt/IG

Suggestive of a classic country club attire favored by generations past, a dark-toned polo shirt combined with white trousers is one way to achieve the old-money look. Pairing it with a mini white bag adds a dash of contrast, elevating the ensemble with a neat and posh look. For the footwear, you may opt for sleek white sneakers or black loafers to blend with the attire’s color combo.

The final touch of black square sunglasses not only provides a cool and active vibe but also channels the iconic style of old-money elites, smoothly blending tradition with contemporary trends.

old-money-inspired sunglasses

Look #6: White Dress x Oval Sunglasses

A woman wearing a white dress and old-money-inspired sunglasses.
Courtesy: @cristinahudacov/IG

Going with a white dress and two-toned flats symbolizes class, offering a canvas for refined accessories to shine. Be it a halter dress or a midi tube, it’s essential to note that old-money elegance isn’t solely about covering up; showing a little bit of skin tastefully and modestly can enhance your self-esteem and confidence. Pair it with a black bag and silver-toned jewelries and you’ll get that perfect dinner party getup.

Completing the outfit, a good pair of oval sunglasses helps you gain that impeccable and sophisticated look.

old-money-inspired sunglasses

Look #7: Chic Shorts x Rectangular Frames

A woman wearing a white tee and linen shorts and old-money-inspired sunglasses.
Courtesy: @kelseymerritt/IG

Focusing on elevated simplicity and fine details, one can achieve an old-money look just by choosing a plain white tee and linen shorts as an outfit base. With beige or black flats, along with a striped blazer, you’ll get an attire that’s comprised with muted tones yet easily stands out in the crowd. Just add one gold-plated bangle or watch and medium hoop earrings, and you’re ready to look like a lady boss who maintains comfort while staying elegant.

And always remember to pop in some rectangular matte frames for personality!

old-money-inspired sunglasses

Look #8: Tweed x Cat-Eye Sunglasses

A woman wearing a tweed coat and old-money-inspired sunglasses.
Courtesy: @valerie.kei/IG

Achieving the old-money aesthetic with a plaid tweed coat and wide-leg jeans involves balancing vintage and modern elements. The plaid tweed coat gives out a timeless appeal, while wide-leg jeans add a contemporary twist to the attire. Pairing them with a beige bag keeps the look neutral and understated, allowing the coat and jeans to stand out. Also, adding pearl accessories injects a touch of elegance, complementing the traditional vibe of the tweed coat.

Moreover, cat-eye sunglasses provide a polished finishing touch, adding a vintage-inspired flair to the outfit.

old-money-inspired sunglasses

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