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Flexible Spending Accounts


FSA Glasses FAQ

What’s an FSA?

FSA stands for Flexible Spending Account. Some employers offer it as a way to set aside pre-tax income for healthcare-related purchases such as eyeglasses, eyeglasses frames, and prescription sunglasses.

How do you use an FSA card?

An FSA card looks and acts like a normal credit or debit card. You can checkout on Classic Specs for men's eyeglasses or women's eyeglasses as usual.

Does the money I set aside in my FSA roll over to next year?

No; your FSA expires at the end of each calendar year. Any unused money does not rollover. Use it on a new pair of glasses or lose it!

What can I purchase with my FSA dollars?

You may use your FSA dollars on all prescription eyewear – glasses and prescription sunglasses – as well as eyeglass frames. This includes single vision prescription glasses and progressive prescription glasses. The only products excluded are non–prescription sunglasses.

My FSA provider requires an itemized invoice for my glasses purchase. Can you provide one?

We’d be happy to provide you with an itemized eyeglasses invoice for reimbursement. Just email us at to request one, and we’ll email it to you within a few days of your prescription eyeglasses purchase.

My FSA provider needs the invoice right away! Can you help?

Absolutely! If you need an invoice asap, we’ll do our best to write it up today (or the next business day, if it’s a weekend). Just let us know about your deadline, and we’ll try to accommodate the request.

My card isn’t working. Do you accept FSA cards?

Yes, we accept FSA cards. If the card is not going through, your FSA provider might not be recognizing the purchase as healthcare-related. Get in touch with your provider to make sure we’re an approved website.

I only have $25 left in my FSA. Can I split the purchase between 2 cards?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a way of splitting a purchase between 2 cards. If you think you may be cutting it close, contact to see what we can do.

I’m not sure how much money I have left in my FSA. How can I find out?

Get in touch with your FSA provider to check your remaining balance. To use your FSA on FSA glasses, you will need to cover the entire cost of your glasses purchase on Classic Specs.

What is an HSA?

A Health Spending Account (HSA) sets aside pre-tax dollars for those with high insurance deductibles. Unlike an FSA, HSA funds do not expire at the end of the year, but can still be used to purchase eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses.

Can I purchase now with my FSA and send my prescription after the New Year?

Yes! You can purchase glasses now with your FSA and we will hold your order until you send in your eyeglasses prescription information and pupillary distance.

Can I use my FSA on Glasses if I don’t have vision insurance?

Yes! Glasses, eyeglasses frames, and prescription sunglasses qualify as FSA purchases with or without vision insurance.