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Try Before You Buy

Choose, Add & Try. 100% Free.


Try Before You Buy

Choose, Add & Try. 100% Free.


Choose Your Specs

Shop your favorite glasses in either Men’s or Women’s style


Add to Your Order

Choose a style that you want to try (you can even pick several colors) and hit the 'Add to Home-Try On' button. Add up to 5 frames and complete your Home Trial Kit order. It's completely free.


Try 'em On

Once you’ve completed your order we will ship the frames to you without charging your card.
After you try them on and pick the ones you like, simply return the Home Trial Kit and place a new order through our site or by contacting us.


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When choosing glasses to try on at home, there are a few things to consider like the shape of your face and the fit of the frames. If you need some advice on how to find the perfect pair of glasses, please refer to our guide to help you find the right glasses for your face shape.

We’ll ship your home trial frames within 3 business days of your order.

You may keep your Home Try-On Kit for 7 days once it is delivered. If you need more time for any reason, just let us know so that we can extend your kit.

To send the kit back to us, simply put the return shipping label to the box the kit came in (Please place the new label on top of the old label), seal it, and pop it back in the mail or drop it off at a post office.

Picking your favorite pair of glasses can be tough (We totally understand). A great way to choose a favorite is to put it to a vote (Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr) or call us and we can help you choose the right eyewear for your style. If you need some extra time, just shoot us a quick note at and we’ll be happy to grant an extension.

Once you have chosen your favorite pair, send back the complete Home Try-On Kit. You may either include a completed order slip with your return - we will process your order once we receive it - or simply place your new order directly online. Your finished eyewear will be sent to you, along with a hard-shell case and microfiber cloth to protect your new Classic Specs eyewear.

We offer a free trial of our glasses or sunglasses without having to commit. A full week of wearing Classic Specs glasses allows you to decide whether the look, feel, and aesthetic of our glasses are the right fit. Shop for your glasses online and have them delivered to your door without committing.

Experience our free trial of glasses and sunglasses to ensure the right fit for your lifestyle. Simply hand-pick your favorite retro/vintage frames and test drive five unique prescription glasses or sunglasses at no obligation.

We work to ensure that you’re satisfied with your purchase by offering a trial period for all men's and women's retro and vintage glasses collections. Don't settle with something as indispensable as glasses.