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Classic Specs can teach you all you need to know about getting eyeglasses online

Avoiding Problems When Buying Cheap Glasses Online

Purchasing glasses online can be an issues especially if you go with the lowest price approach. Learn from Classic Specs how to purchase the right frames online.

Save Time by Purchasing Eyeglasses Online

Getting your glasses online is easier and faster than in-store. Learn how to get your glasses from the comfort of your own home.

Types of Frame Materials for Eye Glasses

Ever wonder what types of materials sunglasses and eyeglasses are made from? We can explain at Classic Specs.

How to Find Cheap Eyeglasses

Finding cheap eyeglasses isn’t always easy when you only search in your local area, as you are limited to the stores near you which often have a major markup in their prices.

Does it Make Sense to Buy Cheap Eyeglasses Online?

If you’ve been debating buying cheap eyeglasses online, you may have some hesitations, especially if you have never bought them online before. You may be wondering about the quality that...

Where to Get Fashionable Prescription Glasses At a Major Discount

Buying high quality and fashionable prescription glasses is easier than it has ever been at online retailers like Classic Specs. However, you can expect to spend significantly more money when you go the traditional...

Bifocals or Progressive Lenses - Which One is Better?

Progressive lenses have become a much better alternative to bifocals, however for many years bifocals were a primary method of treating several different types of vision disorders...

Purchasing Bifocals Online Easily

Bifocals are glasses that have two different optical powers, and although in recent years they have been somewhat replaced by progressive glasses, they are still a popular and inexpensive...

The Benefits of Buying Eyeglasses from a Quality Online Retailer

Choosing the right retailer when shopping for eyeglasses can be a challenge, as there are several options available. Classic Specs has quickly become one of the top online eyeglasses and sunglasses retailers because of the quality of its products, excellent customer service, free shipping, and a host of other benefits.

Finding the Perfect Glasses Online

Buying glasses online is much more convenient option than searching for them at a local brick and mortar store. But, there is still some hesitancy to embrace online shopping for glasses, particularly for those who have a prescription. Some believe that online retailers don’t offer the quality frames that they would find at a local store, or that they might mess up their prescription.